Debugging GTM in IOS devices

Let’s face it, debugging gtm in devices other than desktop is hard. Debugging in IOS is harder because gtm debugger toolbar doesn’t work on it.

The tip to help debugging IOS is to be able to debug it from desktop

Let us use the ios webkit proxy debugger

Follow the installation instructions. However this debugger doesn’t let you inject js when debugging.

We will need another tool like – just follow the installation instructions. then go to

http://localhost:8080/Main.html?ws=localhost:9222/devtools/page/1 and you can start debugging as if you have the dev tools.

Sample Test for Backend Developer

This is a question that I came up with based on real hands-on project and experience. The question is not really testing on someone‚Äôs ability to know the code syntax. but rather the approach to solving a common day-to-day technical problem. The questions do require backend knowledge and the open ended questions will allow candidates … Continue reading

phpstorm useful plugins and shortcuts

Useful Shortcuts 1. to open up preferences, “command + ,” 2. show file in project tree or anywhere, “fn + shift + f1” 3. code completion, “ctrl + space” 4. search everything, “shift + shift” 5. search class, “command + o” 6. navigate to line, “command + l” 7. generate getters and setters, “command + … Continue reading

Resize image upload into proportional dimensions using GD library

sometimes you want to manipulate images uploaded. A good way to do it is to resize the image to the max width or height, fill the background with transparency and yet keeping the same original width to height ratio. lets say we want a 300 x 300 pixel image.

symfony adding file image constraints to form

let’s say you want to constraint what people are uploading and you don’t want to use assert statements in the entity. you can do it in the formbuilder

Drupal 8 quickstart using composer

There are benefits of using installing drupal via composer. Forget about drush, let us use the drupal console to install the site. This is the symfony way. # let us configure the drupal command line ln -s /path_to_myproj/vendor/drupal/console/bin/drupal /usr/local/bin/drupal cd web drupal site:install [/php]

Best Vagrant Lamp Stack

imagine setting up a vagrant and playing around with the vagrant config file. boots up and some libraries are not working, dependencies not working…etc. thanks to scotch box, a vagrant lamp stack that just works

Docker Cheatsheet

Docker helps a lot in the dev process. If using windows or mac, need to use a vagrant vm that allows nfs. this will help u setup the vagrant. Once vagrant is up, shell in and run docker commands. Remember to port follow all the relevant application port in virtualbox. Here are some commonly … Continue reading


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git push origin feature refspec error

If you try to git push -u origin feature/branch_name and you get this error “error: src refspec feature/branch_name does not match any”, it means that your local branch are not named correctly. It should be named feature/branch_name as well, not just branch_name. Do a “git branch” to confirm yourself.

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